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"Joel was extremely engaging and entertaining and able to relate to the audience very well."

- Lauren Follett Long Beach, CA

"Joel is an excellent speaker, very clear and his stories are both educational and entertaining."

- Grant Warner Melbourne, Australia

"Joel is one of the best speakers I have ever heard. As a business leader, I hear many speakers from all industries and backgrounds, but none have left me with the impact that Joel has left."

- Jennifer Lee Honolulu, HI

"Joel Block helped me to put my future as an entrepreneur into perspective. He gave me invaluable 'blocks' for my future."

- Meg Ryan
Santa Barbara, CA


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A Message from Joel

I've been fortunate to go places that few business people ever get to go. As a successful entrepreneur, having grown a financial publishing company from scratch - and later selling it to the Los Angeles Times, I've traveled across this country and around the world, meeting with companies that are engaged every day in building our economy. 

I spend my whole career now promoting the cause of "successful entrepreneurship." I want other entrepreneurs to have the opportunity to experience the success that I've had. But I also want large corporations to experience that success because the "web of business" connects small companies with large ones that can help them get to the next level, either by investing capital, or by purchasing them.

I am dedicated to helping companies, whether large or small, to be the best that they can be, and use the principles of entrepreneurship to help propel them forward.  I help companies raise capital, build their revenue, create multiple streams of revenue, and grow their companies deep and wide. 

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Joel Block

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